My Playful


Want to have fun, be dominated in a new way?

Dive into a fantasy play.

Pay & Obey to be in my Play.

Here are some stories we can dive into.

Pre-booking required.


Careless sailor, you didn't listen to the cautionary tales.


Now drowning and alone you are, because you heard the calls.


Unable to resist, your curiosity will be rewarded by pure beauty, but no mercy.


You'll be enchanted to please her every desires.


I don't know why you had the misfortune of walking into my lair...

But I can make it my fortune!

You see, I was looking for a new toy to play with...

You'll do just fine.

Ready for some games? 


Oh little cub you still are!

This is your chance to prove you're worthy of being trained by the best ring master!

Obey to all her commands, take punishments without a whimper, be grateful of the treats, if you are so lucky to have any. 

Of course you get points when you worship her ;)


You know what world you want to see?

Time to book your session!

Include your choice and any preferences about the play!

Send your request to

with subject "FantasyPlay"

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