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Ways to Plea$$$e

SQueen Misha


Tips on Social Medias (OnlyFans, IWantClips...)

Buy a Video 

$end a Tribute

Buy a Gift

Invest in Misha

To pay my bills or be a long term piggy: see training

Gifts to Make Your Queen Happy:

My favourite stores:

Deadly Couture, DollsKill, IHeartRaves, Browns Shoes, Sephora, MAC cosmetics.


I much rather get a gift card from those places, unless you have a specific item in mind and better to discuss it with me.  

It is a way for you to get my attention and reciprocate with picture to show you how good your money looks on me.


You can send gift cards to

My size:

Feet => size 6

Height => 165cm

Waist XS 

Cup size: 32a

 I usually take the smallest size (XS or S) made for the product. 

I will upload wish lists here:


Invest in Misha

Invest in Misha

There's many way to invest in Misha:


The first is to send cryptocurrency.

I accept currently etherum and bitcoin.

You can see both links to send me here:

I'm also currently slowly developing an NFT platform. The NFTs ill create will be a crypto investment as well, but you will hold/be owner of art by me. You can see my links and promotion on my second twitter:


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