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Gifts to Make Your Queen Happy:

My favourite stores:

Deadly Couture, DollsKill, IHeartRaves, Browns Shoes, Sephora, MAC cosmetics. 

My size:

Feet => size 6

Height => 165cm

Waist XS 

Cup size: 32a

 I usually take the smallest size (XS or S) made for the product. One size only fits on a few clothing items.

You can send gift cards to

I also have a wish list on amazon and on dollskills.


Pay My Bills:

I can send you the actual bill (names will be removed or blurred out for privacy) and the proof of payment.

You can contact me to set up a one time payment or recurrent ones.

*Cell Phone Bill: 70$/month

*Internet Bill: 100/month

*Weed: 230$/2 weeks

*Food delivery/pick up (20-40$daily)


*Dog Food: 200$/3 weeks

*Pedicure: 60$/month

*Manicure: 60$/20days

*One offs for clothing etc will be posted on my Twitter!!


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