Seduction & Control
of your Mind...

Safe Space:  An initial connection must be established. With respect and honest communication, we can get to a place where you trust me to lead you within your limits and I trust you to serve me. All my interactions are authentic and I expect the same out of you. We will nurture and grow an intimate bound of dominant and submissive that will be unique to us. The safe space we’ll share is one where we can explore together, as you fallow my lead and obey me.

Power From Within:  Yes I am a Sadist. That said, it doesn’t mean that physical punishment has to be included in my plays. I love any kind of torture and teasing your mind is one of many. I make you want to naturally fallow from a confident radiant energy. My presence and my control will lead you deeper into your sub-space, a submissive journey that is sensual, mental and emotional. 

A Two Way Street: As I play, I observe your reactions, physical and mental as I adjust my next moves. This makes every play unique as they are catered to fit your current state and mine. 

Always been Defiant: From threatening to pee on or kick in their private parts my older siblings, to actually kneeing in the balls a teenager for the first time, I always had a pull against authority over me. I turned my natural inclinations into an healthy outlet, where I’m the one in control and where I can let out my frustrations in different ways.