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All About Me &
My Work

All About Me &
My Work

Queen Misha

You can call me:  Goddess or Queen Misha


Height:  165cm (barefoot)


Hair & Eyes: Dark Brown and Hazel


Body Type: Petite, toned, stronger then I look, not very curvy except for my big ass. I wear a size 6 shoe. 


Somethings I enjoy: Shoes, Alternative Fashion, Dogs (my 2 girls especially), Anime, Blunts (with weed), Video Games, Modelling, Artistic Make Up, Editing Videos, Making my own Vegan Food, Deep Conversations, Music, Creating and Latex/Fetish Clothing.

Favourite types of music: I love a lot of different types, but afro beats, musical/funk electronic music (Flume, Gramatik, Griz), musical dubstep (Ganja White Night, Zeds Dead)& jazz would be my favourite.


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My Love for Domination

What I Love About Domination


There’s many things I love about being a professional dominatrix.

I’ll start with the freedom and the peace it brings me to work only for myself and no one else. I’ve always had a problem with authority, rebelling from a really young age. Being in the one in control always felt more natural somehow.

I’ve also always loved art without considering myself an artist. But now everything about what I do is art. I created this website, I create pictures and clips…


What might be harder to see is that I also move freely during my session, creating, flowing naturally in between the predetermined boundaries that we chose. That allows me to create a unique experience that will make you come back for more.

My Personality

My Personality…

I’d say my authentic play style is  a sensual playful yet sadistic queen.

Yes I am a sadist but I can find pleasure from torturing you without inflicting any physical pain. Teasing you mercilessly is one way to do that. I also enjoy the simple pleasure of being in control and creating unique plays.

I consider myself being good at reading energy and adapting my plays accordingly. This makes every meet (online or in person) catered to fit your current state and mine.

My confident radiant energy makes you want to naturally follow me. My presence and control will lead you deeper into your sub-space, a submissive journey that is sensual, mental and emotional.

Impotant Values

Important Values 


Honest communication and respect are needed so we can build towards a safe space where you trust me to lead you freely within your limits and where I trust you to serve me.

This safe space we share will let us nurture and grow our dominant and submissive relation, that will be unique to us. 

I highly value the respect you have towards my work, my time and my rules.

Booking Process

Booking Process

Booking me for in person and online are 2 different things, as I require less information for an online session. You can see the 2 forms here: online   in person.

You can either fill out my form or contact me by email with the same information.

I require a deposit (see Rules) for in person and the full payment before the session if online. This is for a first contact, you won't have to fill the form every time you want to see me.

I do prefer building the relation over time, as it lets us deepen our connection. If you are looking for a long term training, I like it best to have an online session first (texting, phone call or video call) to break the ice and see if we are a good fit.

Then we can set up a first meet in person where we can explore and really get a feel for each other. I recommend a minimum of 90min for the first meet.

We can discuss the long term training during the ice breaking meet or after. For more info see Training

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