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Mesmerizing you...
...into Submission

Power From Within:  Yes I am a Sadist. That said, it doesn’t mean that physical punishment or pain has to be included in my plays. I love any kind of torture and teasing your mind is one of many. I make you want to naturally follow from a confident radiant energy. My presence and my control will lead you deeper into your sub-space, a submissive journey that is sensual, mental and emotional. 

Always been Defiant: From threatening to pee on or kick in their private parts my older siblings, to actually kneeing in the balls a teenager for the first time, I was always a bit too quick to react harshly. I also always had a pull against authority over me. I turned my natural inclinations into an healthy outlet, female domination. As a professional dominatrix, I’m the one in control of my own business and I can let out my frustrations, in a consensual and safe environment.  

Safe Space:  An initial connection must be established. With respect and honest communication, we can get to a place where you trust me to lead you within your limits and I trust you to serve me. All my interactions are authentic and I expect the same out of you. We will nurture and grow our dominant and submissive relation, that will be unique to us. The safe space we’ll share is one where I can guide you to explore, as you follow my lead and obey me.

A Two Way Street: As I play, I observe your reactions and get to know you better, so I can adjust my moves. This makes every play unique as they are catered to fit your current state and mine. 

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