Sadist Misha's

BDSM is a very large world that I have been part of for 4 years now, traveling from East to West of Canada.

I encourage you to embrace your kinks and go beyond the ordinary.
What you like and what turns you on isn't taboo, weird or wrong as long as it respect the 
Safe, Sane and Consensual Principles.

Although I have preferences, I enjoy the opportunity to make you discover or push your limits.
I'm proud to be a dominatrix and highly encourages you to be proud of your kinks!!
You need to read my Rules to understand what I expect. I am a professional dominatrix and it is NOT SEXUAL for ME.

My HARD LIMITS:  Scat Play, ANY Escort Services, ANY Contact with Lady Parts, ANYTHING that ends in JOB. 

I offer different types of plays:
Classic General Plays
Dirty Slave Plays

Extreme Plays (only for experienced subs)
Online Plays also available!

For more info on Long Term Plays: see Training 

Classic General Plays

These plays are generally good for any slaves, first timer or not, who likes domination and power exchange in general.

*Obedience training (chores, maid play, pet/pony play..)
Bondage/Gagging (rope, restraints, gags...)

*Humiliation/Degradation(verbal: name calling, sph, racial humiliation... physical: slapping, human furniture, forced CEI & Dirty Plays)
*Cum Eating Instructions
*Tease&Denial (chastity play with your own cage, JOI)
*Feet, Heels, Boots(other fetishes upon request)
*Ass tease/worship (not naked, no licking my ass, but you can kiss my ass)

*Breath Play 
*Sensory Depravation (blindfold, earplugs...)
*Sensation Plays (sharp nails, ice/wax play)
*Nipple Play
*Sissy Training (cross dressing, make up, learning how to suck and fuck a strap on properly..)
*Light CBT (squeezing, light slapping, wax/ice play)
*Light Impact Play (spanking, slapping,...)
*Role Play (boss/employee, student/teacher, interrogation play, babysitter/child, mom/baby...)


Dirty Slave Plays

*Golden Shower
*Brown Shower*
*Forced Feeding (your own cum, my pee, yours, food...)
*Spitting (on you, in your mouth)
*Dirty Feet Fetish
*Used/dirty clothing

*350 extra for brown (24h prebooking with deposit)



*Heavy Impact Play (with whip, crop, paddle, hands/fists, kicks)
*Heavy CBT (kicks, crop, paddle, hands, whips, fire play, trampling) 
*Heavy Trampling (jumping, with heels)
*Sounding (only with your kit)
*Fire Play (with lighter or cigarettes)

Extreme Plays