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Serving Me

Serving Me

BDSM is a very large world where individuals can their your true selves without fear of criticism or reproach. I have been part of it for a bit more then 6 years now and have travelled from the east coast to the west coast of Canada, before settling in Vancouver.

I encourage you to embrace your kinks and go beyond the ordinary. 
Although I have preferences, I enjoy the opportunity to make you discover this world and/or push your limits.
I'm proud to be a dominatrix and to guide you through my world.

I offer professional domination services and practice RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink).

You need to read my Rules to understand what I expect. I am a professional dominatrix and it is NOT SEXUAL for ME, nor do I offer any sexual services.

My HARD LIMITS:  Scat Play, ANY Escort Services, ANY Contact with Lady Parts, ANYTHING that ends in JOB. 

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