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My DOMain,

My DOMain,

My business, my Laws

I have full supremacy over my work, my body and my mind. If you don't like how I do my work then find someone who fits what you want. I don't compromise, that's not how I choose to do my business.

Yes, I'm aware that as professional dominatrix, I work in the adult industry. That doesn't mean however that anything goes, or that this is sexual for me. How you look, how much money you give me and how much you serve me won't change that. 

Genuine respect, fallowing my rules and etiquette are necessary for me.

General Rules


-NO PROSTITUTION, Nothing that ends with JOB;

-NO Asking to touch, lick or see any of my private lady parts;

-I am NOT SELLING MY BODY, but my work;

-I only accept SUBS, I don't switch;

-BE HONEST and Communicate, for your own good;

-You OBEY ME and play under MY TERMS within your own pre-established LIMITS; 


-RESPECT MY TIME: I do not do unpaid texting or phone session. I can however answer a few questions by text first. I expect you read through my website before asking me questions.

-DO NOT try to BARGAIN (rules or prices);

Booking In Person

Rules for Booking me..

..In Person

-A deposit of minimum 100$ is required to book an in person session. The deposit is bigger the more time the session is. The travel fees or dungeon rental fees (if applicable) must be paid in the deposit as well. 

-The deposit must be given at least 24h in advance (although I will make some exceptions, but a bare minimum of 8h is required IF I'm available). The deposit is none refundable. 

- If you reschedule 24h prior to the session, you don't forfeit your deposit. If you fail to reschedule in the appropriate time frame, you may still reschedule by paying the deposit again.

-If you don't show without communicating with me, you'll be asked to pay the full price of the session to book it next time.

-To book your first in person meet, you are required to provide either a reference, your ID, do an online session first or a social meet first.

-A social meet could be a few different things. Ask me about it. I'll give one example, taking for coffee or lunch. Price starts at 175$. Can be used to give me the deposit in hands (on top of the social meet).


-I'm aware there's more then a few "catfish" or "fake" providers online. I'm not one of those.

First, I show my unique face and tattooed body online in many different recognized sites (links), on top of having an extensive website created by myself.

If that's not enough, I also have slaves' reviews on top of clips here and on my other clip sites with slaves. I've also worked with a few well known Professional Dominatrix, which you can see in some of my clips.

You can find out all you need to know in order to trust that I take my work seriously. Also, you can see that I want to grow my business, not compromise it by disrespecting someone who seriously wants my services.

In return, I ask that you pay the deposit because I'm reserving a time for you, where I will not be booking anyone else. I also ask either a reference or ID to show me you are a serious slave. I will never use your personal information.

Booking Online


Pre booking is not necessary, but there's no guarantee I'll be free if you don't.

If you pre book 24h in advance, I'll ask a deposit.

The total of the agreed cost (see tribute) has to be paid before we start the online session.




Depending on your offence we can find a way for you to amend. If the amend is met and your behaviour is correct consistently, we can resume working together.

A second severe offence will have you BLOCKED PERMANENTLY.

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