Sadist Misha's


Don't waste my time, it's disrespectful. 

Only serious slaves should contact me. 

My website, videos, social media presence and  reviews  should be consulted to answer most of your inquiries.

Queen Misha.

I will also accept Goddess and Miss Misha.

I will not answer to any other nickname.


Pre-booking is 24h+ in advance and is highly preferred.

20% deposit to pre book the session.

Fill an Application to request a session.

Non negociable!

If you can't afford my prices or respect my rules, GO elsewhere!

Hard Limits

NO ESCORT SERVICES, no contact with my lady parts.


I expect my slaves to update me close their time of arrival. I understand accidents, it happens, but not cancelling or rescheduling will get you blocked.  

Long Term

You'll have to do a few sessions (approx. 3 depending of length of each) at me regular prices before I can make a plan for monthly payment.