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Long term Training...

My Training

By training, I mean long term agreement where we can set up goals and a plan towards those.

I prefer to break the ice with an online session by text, phone call or video call. If you want the training to be in person or include meetings in person, I then recommend booking a first meet of 90min or more.

After a the connection is established, it can serve as a good foundation for our long term relationship.
Based on our interactions so far and by asking questions, I'll make a custom training plan which we'll both agree on.
The plan will vary depending on the person, but may include: goals, rewards, punishments, steps to takes, rules...

I am based out of Vancouver but I would open to traveling if you make it worth my while. And of course, all of the training can also be done online.


Types Of Training...
**Examples, since all training is custom made**

Training Types

Financial Servitude

- Pay My bills;


-Shower me with Gifts;


-Buy pictures and videos as ordered;


-Rewards like getting attention from your GODDESS;

-You'll learn to please and serve my financial needs;

-Take me Shopping;

-Pay a well deserved vacation;


General Obedience:

-Tasks to do at home, in public;

-Orgasm Control;

-Games with tasks and chastity play;

-Punishments and rewards (for rules and tasks); 

-Key Holding (virtual and physical);

-Keeping on track towards pre set goals (could be for servitude or to better your own person);


Sissy Training

-Build your sissy wardrobe: shoes/heels, clothing, sexy outfits, make up and wigs;

-Learn how to apply make up, sit properly and walk with heels;

-Learn how to please a man, by practicing first on toys;

-Pegging training;

-Forced Bi if wanted and judged ready by me;

-Key holding and chastity play so you can really enjoy hat boy pussy of yours;


More info on the Services:

-Serve Your Quee


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