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Sadist Misha's

First, You need to be properly 


How to apply for



Make sure to read my rules. As a professional female dominatrix, I expect you to be familiar with them when you contact me.

First contact should be an offer to show me you are serious.

You can see the different ways to give to your Queen here

Read carefully the types of training offered below and chose the one you prefer.

Fill the training slave form here.

You can also fill out a first meet request to start and mention you're interested in training in the future.

TypeS of training..

I prefer mixing online and in person, but it can be just one.


I'm a Vancouver Dominatrix, so currently the only place where you can do just in person.

I'm open to traveling after you have proven to be serious and done a few online sessions.

become my:

Sissy Whore

We will build your sissy wardrobe: shoes/heels, clothing, sexy outfits, make up and wigs.

I will teach you how to put make up, walk, sit...


I will teach you how to please a man.

You will practice sucking and fucking my toys (and yours) first.

Forced bi possible once I judge you ready.


Key holding and chastity play so you can really enjoy hat boy pussy of yours.

Obedient Loser

This is to train you in humiliation and obedience:

-Tasks to do at home, in public

-Games with tasks and chastity play

-Punishments and rewards fallowing the tasks.

-Key Holding

-Filming (tasks or with me)

[wear of mask to editing of face out is always an option]

Pay My bills

Shower me with Gifts

Buy pictures and videos as ordered

With rewards like getting attention from your GODDESS, you'll learn to please and serve my financial needs.

Prepared to be ignored if you do not meet requirements or fail to complete tasks.


Pay Piggy

For more info on the Services:

In Person Plays, 

Online Plays

& Tribute